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16February 2018


Hermans Roselyn motivated,every body has issues

Irrational belief patterns that maybe hindering you from going to the next level

  1. Undeserving – I do not deserve it. It comes from things people have said to you or about you; they programmed you to see yourself in a limited parameter. So when you see opportunities beyond how you have been programmed, you reject it.
  2. Ordinary- you don’t want to be different you want to fit in, they won’t take the lead because they afraid they would become a target.. If you take the lead you would become a target but just because they shooting at you doesn’t mean they shot you (Job 13:15)
  3. Social change- I fear rejection, loneliness, this is important to minority. Watch out for WE because people would control you with a WE and you would miss out on a best opportunity that is meant for you. Trying to be loyal to the WE is what we teach people about peer pressure.
  4. FLEETING- MY Success will be temporal and you wnt be able to sustain it e.g. you don’t want to go out on a date because to you every relationship is not going to last.
  5. PERFECTIONISM- I would have to behave as if I am perfect when I am not. When you afraid to let people see your imperfection, so you indirectly decide to be secretly talented. Stop criticizing yourself negatively because you would be surprised by the people who talk other people out of loving them


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